The creative idea of the fashion show arises  from the brand's DNA, as 44 label group is a brand that originates from the culture of Berlin clubs, from which creative director and DJ Max Kobosil also hails, and all the fashion shows always want to take the viewer into that kind of world. 

ON TOUR, is the name of the collection whose clothes highlight the DJ life style outfit and also take inspiration from the technical clothing of all the people who work on these always-on-the-move tours. 

The ramp of a car park was chosen as the location, whose natural shape gives a sense of continuous movement and dynamism, which are also key elements of the tours where one always moves from one place to another without stopping. 

The position of the lights was designed to create imposing shadows on the walls of the ramp, but the central element of the whole set-up was the central square, where a large luminous logo 44 sculpture became the centre around which everything revolved and came to life. 


Creative Director: Max Kobosil 

Art Director: Andrei Khashan 

Stylist: Marc Goehring 

Production & Set Design: Urban Production 

Video Production: Videogang 

Executive Producer: Leonardo Salerni 

Hair: Franco Gobbi 

Make-up: Patrick Glatthaar 

Casting Director: Simo Bart Casting 

Music: R Label Group 

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