Overlapping is a Berlin-based studio specialized in media scenography and large-scale projection while exploring infrastructures for new creativity.  

AI+GA Artificial Intelligence + Generative Art is a site-specific Overlapping concept, second-prize winner of Schlosslichtspiele Festival, produced by ZKM  Karlsruhe, Unesco City of Media Arts in 2023. 


Considering the massive projection surface w.160m, h.17m, a total amount of 16 projectors, they focused on the use of cutting edge technology to create generative art content, using mostly TouchDesigner, a node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content, that allows to design high-resolution effects through scripts and complex networks. 

The design approach is to show abstract and molecular visuals, referring to physical formulas to simulate dynamics fluids with boundary and coloured vortex, and inspired by the behaviour of atomic particles, aiming to represent real life in its elementary components. 

In the interplay with the façade, fluids are generated from the windows, merge into clouds framing the doors, a fast, colourful smoke reacting like incompressible elements such as water or oil, blending into a colourful nebula, transforming the façade into a dreamlike landscape. 

A tailor-made analog sound carpet underlines and emphasises the show, holding the narrative together and creating an uninterrupted flow of visions and atmospheres. Sound engages and triggers the creation of generative art, mathematical codes and object oriented programming to fuse together visual patterns and beautiful colours. 

Artificial intelligence models were also used to generate images, feeding AI towards the target aesthetic, they crafted the imaginary by smoothly switching interpolating between 2D images and the latent space, a form of motion design defined as latent dreams. An AI filter to over-scale 4x the resolution in ultrahigh definition, created an overall unanimous hi-res look. 

A beatiful videomapping that show us the extraordinary possibility of AI applied in art.

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