AIR is both a kinetic laser light sculpture and an audio-visual installation born out of the creativity and genius of Rebel Overlay, which is a London-based creative company founded by visual artist Spencer Heron. This studio is specialized in visual performance through projection mapping, pixel mapping and LED screen layouts. Through their works they explore light, animation and illusion to create immersive audiovisual experiences and artworks that seek to challenge viewers' perceptions of physical and digital space.

This mind-blowing installation was created as a proof of concept piece in an ongoing exploration of the interplay between light, sound and space. Its functioning is allowed thanks to twelve kinetic winch mechanisms and two opposing laser generators which are synchronized with each other to create motion-tracked, floating threads of light that render a constantly shifting series of geometric shape and minimalistic form.

Thanks to its dazzling play of laser lights that intertwine to create a continuous formal metamorphosis, AIR is the winner of the Art Low Budget Category of the 2021 (D)arc Awards, which is one of the most prestigious awards dedicated to lighting, held every year in London and organized by Arc and Darc magazines.

Concept/technical - Rebel Overlay @rebeloverlay_lab

Spencer Heron @rebeloverlay

Sound design - Raven Bush @allsoundismusic

Location - TMS @themargateschool

(D)arc awards - @darc_awards



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