A I R MOON SAFARI WORLD TOUR - 25th Anniversary

The idea behind this design is to reimagine the standard stage space by creating a distinct space for the band AIR.


The box, with its clear and simple architecture, transports the viewer through the myriad musical universes of the band.


Sometimes a recording studio, then a spaceship, and finally a design object nodding to Turrell’s work, it focuses the gaze, allowing for a total immersion of both the band and the audience.


Technically complex yet visually simple, the sides and the backdrop consist of several layers: electrically opaqueable polycarbonate, semi-transparent video, and light. As for the ceiling, it is made of lacquered white metal, and the floor is covered with white mirror dance carpeting.


This project stems from the collaboration of Antoine Jorel and Pierre Claude, both lighting and set designers, for the band Air, who will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Moon Safari worldwide.

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