AREA21, the duo composed by the Dj/Producer Martin Garrix and the rapper Maejor premiered the first full live film Live on Planet Earth the 5 april 2023. 


It has been a live show in which the artists perform in space suits proving their ability to mix electronic dance music with hip hop.  


There were two aliens playing music on a floating stage that seems endless, backed up by a full live band. The stage illusion was given by mirrors placed on the bottom.  All the members were surrounded by two squares of light that create an infinite number of lightscape, also thanks to stunning pyrotechnics effects. 


The 46 minutes show represents a dream come true for the duo AREA21, it’s their first ever full live performance. 

In this regard Maejor says: “This is the beginning of an evolution of the music sounds of AREA21. It is a great opportunity to show different sides of the project and introduce people to things they haven’t seen from us yet”.  


Furthermore the songs played during the performance are collected in Live on Planet Earth album, giving fans the opportunity to listen to them countless times.  


Martin Garrix: “We've always been dreaming of having AREA21 on stage with a band. The music on the album has been made with a lot of live instruments like real bass, real drums, so it’s amazing to be able to put that into a full live performance now.”  


With this impressive and innovative show the artists remind the audience the power of music to bring people together in celebration and unity.  



Produced by: Martijn Garritsen, Brandon Green, Ken Bunt, Watse de Jong 

Show Director: Romain Pissenem 

Light Director: Igneas D’hease 

Edit: Wessel Pieterse, Martijn Garritsen 

Director: Job Robbers Broadcast 

Creative Director: Remco Evers Performing 

Artist: Martin Garrix, Maejor 

Keys & Backing Vocal: Vince van Reeken 

Drums: Bram van de Berg 

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocal: Glenn Gaddum Jr. Lead 

Violin: Frank van Essen 

Violins: Judith van der Klip, Julia Snijder Sabaté 


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