A.R.R.C 2.0


The opening of PresentPerfectFestival 2022 took place at Sevcable Port with the A.R.R.C 2.0 installation. 

A.R.R.C 2.0 is a reimagined and an updated version of the A.R.R.C installation created by Dreamlaser in collaboration with curator Ksyusha Chekhovskaya and musician Anny Ly, presented in the TSEKH space in 2020. 

A.R.R.C 2.0 represents the inner creative evolution and human revolution. The goal of this installation is to help you reflect, analyze your own thoughts, feelings and impressions. 

The exhibition space is divided into four independent zones, through which you can move in a chaotic order, living your experiences freely, while being guided by your emotional states. You could choose the route of movement between the zones based only on your own feelings. 


In the first act of the route about self-discovery, the visitor finds himself in a metaphorical waiting room inside his personality. Here he will have to try to structure his thoughts and choose what his inner transformation will be.  

Vertical light poles react on visitor actions. To go further, the viewer needs to choose how to respond to the proposed changes - to reject them, or to analyze and try to understand their nature. 


In the second zone of the media installation, the visitor will meet himself. The mood of the REACT zone is opposition, internal struggle. The movement and dynamics of the lasers emphasize this state of struggle: they are always directed from the far end of the room to the entrance - towards the viewer. 


The process of reflection continues, at this stage of the metaphorical path the visitor makes a search for causes and effects. Here the viewer will try to form predictions, begin to feel and understand their inner metamorphoses. 


The visitor is faced with an insoluble contradiction, comes to a dead end and loses the sense of reality. The matrix composed by small square screens distorts the perception of space, while flashes disorient the viewer. Simultaneously with the feeling of being lost, there is an understanding that there is nothing here. Conflict and feeling lost are difficult feelings for many of us. In this final zone of the A.R.R.C 2.0 installation, we are faced with chaos. But sometimes the “dead end” turns out to be one of the points on the map of personal evolution. 

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