Galerie Kaple - CZECH REPUBLIC

AUSGANG studio unveils a transformative evolution that prompts a reconsideration of our comprehension of artificial life and its future requisites. The capacity to learn and adapt stands as a cornerstone for both Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and survival at large. The "ATEM" project submerges the viewer in the philosophy of breath as a symbol of life force and a fundamental principle of existence. 

AUSGANG studio employs a unique approach, intertwining purely biological and natural processes, metaphorically transposing them onto machine objects. This method induces a subtle disturbance in the viewer's inner experience, crafting a sense of unity and uncertainty. In essence, it reflects the emotions that artists Radovan Dranga and Alex Zelina encounter and subsequently channel into their work. 

We find ourselves navigating through a challenging era marked by profound changes, unwarranted economic expansion, and a prevailing sense of uncertainty about the future. In this epoch, applauding technological advancement no longer resonates, as it forces us to confront our humanity. Rather than eagerly anticipating artificial intelligence to address societal issues like poverty or cancer treatment, there's a prevalent fear that our own recklessness may pose a threat to all. 

ATEM offers a rich auditory experience as well. Within the building, there are eight speakers strategically placed. At the center of the circular space on the ground, there lies an iron circle with a diameter of 100 cm, housing a specially designed, ultra-low-frequency bass speaker capable of resonating through your very core. During an 8-minute sequence, we engage the audience by manipulating their perception of sound. This goes beyond conventional auditory experiences, extending to the internal sensations within their bodies. The meticulous calibration of these frequencies was undertaken by a skilled sound designer from Xces, ensuring a nuanced and impactful encounter. Standing at the epicenter, as the object ascends and eventually descends, accompanied by the powerful roar of the engine, it creates an intensely immersive experience, literally shaking you to your core.

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