Kablys + Kultūra - VILNIUS

At the beginning of this month, Baltic Ballet Theater, held a beatiful dance show in Vilnius.


The show was inspired by Depeche Mode's music, ballet artists dancing on a mirror stage in a laser whirl, something incredible, like the show's title, “Another World”.


The dominant line of the set was the circle. Everything was circular, also the mirror stage where the dancers performed. The audience was all around the stage. Above the circular stage there were three rings: a main ring coated by mirroring material profiled by stripled, and two smaller led rings.

In this set thanks to the mirroring material, everything was reflected and there was no border line between the audience and the set or between the set and the performers.

This set is a real powerful fusion of color, lights and human beings, surronded by a brilliant laser's ring.


A show that transported the audience to another dimension, another world. 

Set and Lights:

Director: @marija.simona

Ballet group: @baltijos_baleto_teatras

Location:  @kablys_kultura

Event organisation: @namerenginiai

Dancers in the photos and videos: @pijusozalas_  @_kristar @evelina_vf @audronestelione

Music: @depechemode

Photos: @gabrieliusjauniskis 

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