Life is a symphony.

A melody divine.

An orchestra of emotions a journey through time.

For multiple years now the @ziggodome asked 360 Show Design to help with the creation of Don't Let Daddy Know. For the 2023 edition of @dontletdaddyknow Amsterdam, 360 Show Design brought the mainstage to life from concept to design to show all in collaboration with @ea_events, @dontletdaddyknow, @dutch7event, @drctdshows, @koenvanelderen, @kbkvisuals,, @realdiamond legit & @ziggodome. 

As the distinctive icon of Don't Let Daddy Know is a triangle, the stage design aims to transpose that icon to create centerpiece for the stage. This way the triangle is also the main icon in the stage design as it draws the attention of the visitor.

The 19 m triangle is tilted (30°) forward to symbolize the idea that the audience, under the triangle, is part of Don't Let Daddy Know. The triangle reaches out to the audience. Of course, this also helped to create an impactful sight as the isosceles triangle that tilts 3d to an equilateral triangle creates an abstract look that adds a layer of dimension to the triangle.

The concept was thus born out of the Triangle icon and evolved from there adding layers of symbolism to connect the audience and the stage design. The main structure of the stage is made of truss and a lot of LED screens. The light design on the stage is focused on accentuating the big middle triangle to make it come to life with light, the same is true for the LED video screens which serve the same role. For the light a grid of Robe pointe as Spiider was used. All these design choses were made in favor of bringing the centerpiece triangle to life. This configuration also made sure that light and video strengthened each other in the way of interaction between these elements.

Every year 360s howdesign creates a new design from concept to show for DLDK in the ziggodome. For the 2023 edition of @dontletdaddyknow Amsterdam, 360 @360_show_design brought the mainstage to life from concept, design and show.

Below the images of the design concept.

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