Last month Dutch act Goldband moved the pier from Scheveningen (next to The Hague, NL) to the Lotto Arena (BE) and the AFAS Live (NL). They played 5 times in total in the sold-out halls with various guest appearances. 


Manager and creative Luka Kueter came up with the stage design with the pier in it. 


After a technical translation by producer Stijn Kierkels, decor party Triomf came up with the final design and realized the decor from white painted wood.  


In addition to the decor consisting of the five meter high Ferris wheel, the stage design consisted of a 21 meter wide LED screen. The on-screen visuals included a sea of changing weather conditions, live feed content and psychedelic effects. 


Light designer Michiel Knoop created the looks mainly by Robe Lightning fixtures. Consisting of Robe Epsrite,Robe 350,Robe Spiider and Robe Tetra 2 bars. 


And also a main roll for the Chauvet Pro Colorstrike M. 


Creative direction: @luka.f.k @dominiquevrhee 

Stage design: @luka.f.k 


Production: @stijnkierkels 

Light design: @michiel.knoop 

Light operator: @thelightpackage 


Content: @kasper.steernberg / @noortje_noralie / 

Light, Audio, Rigging: @peitsmanlichtengeluid 

Decor: @triomf 

LED & Live video: @ledlease 

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