Elektra stage by @lumus.instruments with performances of KI/KI, Hyperactivist, Ben Sims b2b DJ Bone, Aurora Halal and others 


Lumus Instruments has transformed the Elektra stage in a truely neo-futurist cathedral. 

With long LED tubes they have created a wonderful endless tunnel that extends centrally up to the DJ station, resulting in a highly immersive scenography. 

They also designed various content engines for the closing set of @ki.slash.ki, based on her input. 

Our aim was to use the lighting design to make you feel like you're in a supernatural place, and where the performers and the audience are both central. The Elektra stage therefore sometimes looked like some kind of dynamic temple of music. It absolutely worked.” Lumus Instruments. 


Scenography by Lumus Instruments 





Herfstdrift team 





Technical realization 




Design and rendering 



Network infrastructure 



Content design 






Realization in collaboration with 


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