Creative director and production designer Max Vaillard he tells us about his latest project: main stage at the Parisian festival, Marvellous Island.


"My aim is to breathe life into the stage, crafting an immersive atmosphere for the audience. My approach involves a sensory experience, harmonizing with the mesmerizing DJ who captivates the entire crowd. I meticulously design the environment to heighten these sensations.


The flames serve as the pulsating core of this stage, contrasting the fluidity of water, which acts as a reflective canvas with each graceful spray. These elements synergize, creating a dynamic visual and sensory spectacle. 


The integration of industrial textures and the visible structural elements seamlessly blend with this captivating location. This industrial design harmoniously complements the venue's natural beauty. 

The stage spanned approximately 26 m in width and was constructed using Layher scaffolding. Its pinnacle reached a height of 13m. The assembly of the structural components took a crew of 10 individuals two days. Subsequently, a separate team installed the LED screens and lighting within a day.  


Following that, set dressing and comprehensive testing took an additional two days, culminating in a total of five days for the entire process. 


The design intention was to eschew traditional front-facing elements. I envisioned all components at a 45% angle to maximize depth. The aim was to cultivate an atmosphere with the DJ being enveloped by an immersive dancefloor backdrop, with attendees dancing around and relishing his performance. 


The design sought to encourage attendees to revel on the stage rather than merely in front of it. Envisioned as an open platform, it was easily accessible, fostering a direct connection with the audience. The overarching goal was to ensure an immersive experience for all. 


The materials we used are mostly steel roofing sheets, plants, wood and custom printed covers.  

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