ph: Felix Maerch

The new stage design for Marvellous Island festival was stunning. The event took place on the serene waters of a lake near Paris in France, at Torcy.  


This project presented a wonderful challenge and opportunity to blend industrial aesthetics with a minimalistic design, all while incorporating the natural beauty of the lake. A project leaded by Max Vaillard and Creation Elevation Agency.

ph: Nicolas Cabrera

The stage was constructed using a layer of scaffolding structures, which rested gracefully on the water, creating a stunning floating effect. Integrated into the design were LED screen pillars, which not only illuminated the stage but also created mesmerizing reflections on the water, enhancing the overall visual experience. The interplay of light and color on the water surface was a key element of the design, adding depth and dynamism to the performance space.  

ph: Felix Maerch

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