In collaboration with Muddy Monk for the release of his album "Ultra Dramatic Kid", @alien_le_studio he imagined a stage and lighting design enuinely refined.


Most of the time the artist was to be alone on stage and relied heavily on videos.


"We thought of this stripped-down structure as a video shelter that emphasizes the loneliness of the artist, however this set is also a powerful and lively beacon surrounded by a carefully crafted lighting design."


Everything was designed with from a minimalistic point of view and consist of a 2m x 2m risers, two 1m x 3m LED walls with a 1.5m x 1.5 LED ceiling, 3 atomic 3000 strobe lights (center rear), 10 Robe BMFL and 10 Robe Spiider Wash and a smoke machine for smoke effect behind the riser.


The Show was fully timecode with Reaper, Resolume Arena and GrandMA3.


@alien_le_studio is a lighting, stage and motion design company based in Paris. The studio work in live music, theater, cinema and commercials. 


Artist: @muddymonk

Lighting and stage design:

@julien_peyrache @mikededi & @romain_render from @alien_le_studio

Video: - @dextermaurer

Production: @supermonamour

Label: @halfawakerecords

Provider: @sgroupliveandevent 

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