The stage it is a tribute to the Moviegoing Experience. 

A love letter to cinema… Set designer Misty Bucleycalled it, first woman in the Academy Oscars history to design the show. 


The 95th Academy Awards it just ended! 

Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have gathered at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to celebrate the best in cinema.  


The theater looks quite different from last year’s spacious seating arrangement, which was deliberately to put A-list stars and nominees up front and on the same plane as the stage itself, blurring the line between audience and show. 


This year the glam, Art Deco arrangement is an ode to the moviegoing experience and, implicitly,  designed to combat any unwanted onstage. 


Instead of a conversational approach to seating with tables and easy access to the stage, the venue boasts rows of seating that are typically found in movie theaters a reset back to when crowded viewings were aplenty before the pandemic.  “We were very inspired by classic movie theaters, movie houses, and social salons” production designer Misty Buckley. 


LED screens are to thank for the stage’s alluring surroundings that feature a metallic palette of brass and bronze. About 3,500 square feet of them were installed throughout the theater and layered into the architecture, according to the outlet. "We were excited about the possibility of taking over and using architecture as a way to tell that story, as a way to celebrate the experience" executive producer Molly McNearney said in a press conference before the event. "Everything from walking under the marquee and into the theater to being overwhelmed by the size of the screen and letting yourself be engulfed in the drama of what’s about to play out.


But the design isn't solely tailored to be reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Buckley told :"The space will transform throughout the night, so it never feels like you’re in one era or one type of theater.


Set designer @misty.buckley  

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Executive Producer Ricky Kirshner 

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