Passage is a work by Boris Acket and Studio Raito that playfully explores our interaction with the space around us, and is a border as well as a passage point. Fundamentally, boundaries are inflection points where flows change direction. It follows from this definition that boundaries are not about stopping things from moving, they are about movement itself. 

The installation is a site specific spatial design featuring eight 9 meter high scaffolding towers with eight LED screen tiles of 50 x 50 cm.  

It was created for DGTL Festival Amsterdam at the NDSM Wharf as part of the area design for the Generator stage combined with the art program.  

The first version of Passage premiered at their festival in 2022 outside in a different composition and version two found its way inside to the festival in 2023. 

During the day various visual artists used the installation in a dynamic way with artists like VTSS, Anetha, Colin Benders & Paula Temple performing there. During the night program this area turned into an exhibition and hangout space where people could experience the installation, wander around and take a break from the club area.   

The installation was driven by an Ableton delay system, Touchdesigner for generative content and Madmapper for pixel mapping. 



Spatial & production design: @studio.raito - Bob Roijen (director) 

Concept & Visual Artist: @boris.acket 

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