We had the pleasure of asking Yogui, Argentinian designer of Prolaser, to tell us about their latest light scenography. 


In this lighting configuration we tried to generate a visual change on the dance floor that was organic and different in all respects. 


Two triangles of 30x30 pylons of different sizes and hung at different heights were created, each has its own life but at the same time they are intertwined with each other and that intersection of lines seems different each time depending on where the viewer is. 


In this project, clean and minimal lines were sought which were generated with RGBW pixel LED tubes along its entire perimeter, both along the upper and lower edges. 


Also following the idea of a light visual, RGBW LED beam bars were mounted with a tool throughout the inside of both triangles which generated movement effects. 


All these devices were supplied by @prolaser.led 

This event occurred in October in a magical place 



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