TETRO+A continues its commitment to artistic creation by presenting RELIC, the new installation by Polish artist Karolina Halatek. 


Becoming a Living Monument 

RELIC is a monumental and pyramidal light installation, an immersion in light and fog. The artwork consists of circular metal steps traversed by a vertical beam of white light, from which artificial fog emanates. The beam of light extends into the sky, visible from afar. Like a magnet, the crowd converges towards this magnetic luminous vessel. The audience can access the top of the artwork, immerse themselves in the light and fog, and become a living monument. 


Embracing the Present Moment 

Today, we are constantly bombarded with information; smartphones, social media, and incessant notifications are distractions that constantly capture our attention. Media, news, and multiple entertainment platforms provide an endless stream of information and amusement. We live in an era of immediacy, speed, and tight schedules, which strongly impacts our ability to concentrate. The installation provides a counterbalance to the virtual disembodiment. 


RELIC offers – for a brief moment – the practice of mindfulness: to focus and appreciate the present moment, disconnect from distractions, and concentrate on what is happening here and now. The performative nature of RELIC emphasizes the value of each individual. Interacting with the installation allows one to become aware of the simultaneous creation of personal and collective history : it can be used as a public spot for regeneration, a place of rest or contemplation, or creating new interactions. 


RELIC is positioned at the heart of cities to surprise, inspire dreams, offer a new perspective, and illuminate its visitors. 

TETRO+A x Karolina Halatek 

"It was only natural for us to support Karolina Halatek: we have been following her artistic journey characterized by a simple, poetic, and radical approach for many years. Her way of intertwining light - an element we particularly appreciate - with a sculptural and architectural approach creates an augmented material where the spectator becomes an actor. After Guillaume Marmin's "Passengers," we continue to support and promote artistic creations on the national and European stage. This artwork highlights the equality and value of each individual. It stimulates the senses while reminding us that each person creates their own story and contributes to the story of humanity. Just as we strive to do at TETRO and TETRO+A on a daily basis." 

Matthieu Debay, founder of TETRO+A


Karolina Halatek

Polish artist Karolina Halatek uses light as the central medium in her work. She creates site-specific experiential spaces that incorporate visual, architectural, and sculptural elements. Considering her work primarily as a catalyst for experiences, the artist creates installations with immersive characteristics that are the result of collaborations with quantum physicists, founders of the superstring theory (Leonard Susskind, Roger Penrose, Carlo Rovelli), and precision mechanical engineers. She explores experiences that push the boundaries of human knowledge, seeking a visual language to evoke the feelings and emotions of virtually unknown phenomena. During her studies in Berlin, she participated in workshops at the Institut für Raumexperimente led by Olafur Eliasson. Halatek has exhibited extensively worldwide and holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest LED Structure - Beacon, exhibited at the Noor Riyadh festival in Saudi Arabia. 

In 2022, Karolina is among the 40 artists featured in the first volume of the book "Women Light Artists," edited and curated by Light Collective, and she also designed the cover for the book. 



Artist : Karolina Halatek 

Curation & Production : TETRO+A 

Drawing and technical direction : Simon Zerbib / Les Structographes 

Manufacturing : Art Composit & Art Project 

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From June 22 to September 2nd, 2023, Festival in Metz, France EU 

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