One of the novelties of this tour is the central stage, which many artists have used in the past, from Peter Gabriel to Metallica.

Waters, on the other hand, has chosen an unusual cross-shaped structure for the big screens that divides the scene into four parts. A 12-sided LED surface.

In addition to creating an extraordinary visual spectacle, this configuration ensures that the arena audience has an optimal view of the video content wherever they are.

With the 650 square meter screen, the sound and lighting are also suspended from the roof, which is why we chose to use a light LED such as the Leyard in order to reduce the overall load of the rigging, while remaining faithful to the general design concept.

The result is a truly immersive 360-degree canvas for Roger Waters' candid storytelling.

 When the structure rises it reveals the stage in its entirety.


Artist: @rogerwaters

Video company: @universalpixelsvideo

Video Director: Wilson Wright

Production Manager: @chriskansy 

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