Rüfüs Du Sol's recent Australia-New Zealand tour included eight shows, attracting over 30,000 live music fans in four territories. For the Adelaide and Perth concerts, the tour promoters, Fuzzy Entertainment, chose L-Acoustics Certified Rental Partner Novatech to provide sound, visual, lighting, and communication solutions for the outdoor sites. 


The Novatech team was tasked with designing a system that would provide optimal coverage for the vast open field audience area while also adhering to strict local council noise limits. The team deployed a system design that included main L/R arrays of 15 L-Acoustics K2 with four K1SB subwoofers per side, nine K2 enclosures per side for side-fill, and 12 Kara boxes for front-fill. Low-end extension was delivered by 24 SB28 dual 18-inch subwoofers in an end-fire configuration across the front of the stage. The team was pleased with the full-range coverage and even SPL provided by the K Series at the shows. 


The visual set for the Adelaide and Perth shows was equally impressive. There were three vertical LED walls behind the three artist locations, and three smaller ones in front of them. This layout helped to create a continuous visual configuration that tied together the entire stage design. Two even bigger LED walls were located outside the sheltered part, in front of the public. During the show, those LED walls were able to change the atmosphere of the entire set, showing majestic animated configurations. 


In addition to the LED walls, the show also featured some laser machines that helped to create stunning visual effects. The colorful laser grids were synchronized with the LED walls, creating a harmonious and immersive visual experience that complemented the music performance. 


Overall, the collaboration between Rüfüs Du Sol and Novatech resulted in a memorable and visually stunning concert experience for fans in Adelaide and Perth. 

Creative Director - @k.atzki

Lighting Designer - @whatsmattupto

Screens Producers - @formationinc

Production Manager - @joelstanley1 

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