The Runway Show has been a visual spectacular that explored the building blocks of human connection on both micro and macro levels. Mesmerising visuals created from generative algorithms will play with the audience’s perception of space through dynamic synchronisation of geometric lines, cellular growth, synapse movement & sonic visualisation.

Runway was a huge brand new 20,000 open air venue for Creamfields North 2022 by stage designers Lucid Creates.

- Footprint - 60 metres x 30 metres  x 12 metre high

- 360 / immersive experience - suspended over the dance floor is a huge 60 metre long video screen which stretches out over the crowd from above the DJ and lining the dance floor are 8 x 12 metre high towers lined with video

- Audience is completely surrounded by sound, light and visuals

-Visuals designed & made in collaboration with motion artist Matt King


The second work is about Leeds Festival. In its second year at Leeds Festival, LS23 is back; bigger, better, faster, stronger. Last year Lucid’s giant, touring AV installation TOGETHER took on a new identity as LS23 -  a brand new 360° experience saw 20,000 festival go-ers packed together raving underneath the rings until the early hours, deep within the forest. LS23 is now in the next phase of its evolution, the stage has been reimagined and reformatted to compliment the natural landscape of the valley at Leeds Festival. Using the same component parts, it now spans the length of the valley, tripling its 2021 footprint and elevating its impact. Three giant, seemingly floating rings lined with LED hang above the crowd as spectacular visuals travel up, down and around the arena.

LS23 was an audio-visual structure with integrated architectural lighting and screens.

- It was a modular piece constructed of 8 x clad steel truss pillars in an avenue formation along the valley area with 4 pillars on each side - total footprint of the structure is 9m x 15m x 45m. 

Design Studio: @lucidcreates___ 

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