Solardust, created by Quiet Ensemble, is a captivating light installation that mesmerizes viewers with its iridescent magic and digital will-o'-the-wisp.  


The installation transforms the surrounding space into a celestial realm, enveloping spectators in an ethereal experience.  


Brilliant stars float in the air, suspended within a three-dimensional cloud-like structure that hovers above, emanating a delicate glow reminiscent of light dust. These solar particles, akin to digital fireflies, are dynamic, vibrant, and in constant motion, pulsating in sync with the accompanying sound, as if they are one with it.  


The holographic effect creates the illusion of light emerging from nothingness, dancing suspended in the void. 


Solardust is an immersive artwork that enchants the senses, inviting viewers to lose themselves amidst the twinkling stars and the delicate luminescence of light dust.  


The interplay of vibrant colors and fluid movements creates an otherworldly tableau, where light and sound intertwine in perfect harmony.  


It is a transcendent journey, where spectators are transported beyond the confines of reality, immersed in a realm of wonder and contemplation. 

Technical description:  

Light system: x Lasers gb 2000 mw 

Controll: Helios Dac interface + Computers 

Sound system: multichannel sound 

Set up: x meters of plasticized mesh 



Production and management - Nicolas Roizecki 

Sound design - Marcello Rotondella 

Touch Designer developer - Davide Carbone  

Set up technician - Alessio Troya 

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