"The empty building in the center of Arvika in Sweden, with the white marble floor, seemed perfect for this work. The fact that this "affection mansion" building has been empty for quite a while was a bonus for the content.


This event It was made especially for Light-art exhibition Arvika Ljus.


SDM: How is the work composed? 


100 wooden slats randomly arranged inside the perimeters of a  cube. Twenty-five slats have an LED line.. At random times aquamarine color light shoots over the line and fades away. 


SDM: Where does the concept come from? 


Don’t know exactly. We both have vivid memories of being a child and hearing for the first time about molecules and particles. A frightening concept at the time. So that idea has been lying around for a while. This was to right moment and right space to build it for real.  


SDM: What does it represent? 


Inspiration was a natural phenomenon: 

Neutrinos, small neutral particles, are constantly flying around our ears. Neutrinos are the most common particles in the universe after photons. Right now, more than ten billion neutrinos pass through your fingertip every second. Neutrinos go through almost everything. Yet we notice very little of this. This is because gravity has virtually no effect on them.  

So 'Solid Void' is a small cubic visualization of this bizar reality. 

It was just something we wanted to try out at this location. 


SDM: A more technical description? 


100 Swedish slats (15 x 15 mm) of 2,5m length 

25 Ledlijnes 

25 Raspberry Pi pico's (program with thanks to 

Music made especially by Zeger de Vos ( 

dimensions 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 m 


"This version turned out to be a successful try out. It is planned to make one or more permanent ones.


Thanks to Paul and Sandra @vendel_en_de_wolf.

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