Set and lighting designer Anders Heberling created a stunning backdrop for Thastrom's concert at the Orion Theater in Stockholm (Sweden) on December 12, 2022. 

Eight dynamic trusses were hung above the stage and made dynamic through vertical movements. The spotlights attached to them danced in harmony with the movement of the trusses and with the surrounding light and smoke, creating an ever-changing atmosphere for each song. 

The fixtures mainly used for this show are the Robe Led Beam 350, for the light beams, and the GLP JDC1, for mood light and colorful accents. The wall formed by the trusses was sometimes composed forming a ceiling, sometimes fragmenting into luminous modules, from which various light beams penetrate the scene. Furthermore, their dynamic orientation made it possible to create a fictitious ceiling for the crowd as well, allowing the fan to live a dynamic immersive experience. 

Special mentions to Olle Bagarn Brandin for hanging/fixing lights and Jeremy Gallant for programming of automation.

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