The Forget Tomorrow World Tour  is the ongoing seventh headlining concert tour by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake. His first tour in five years, it is in support of his sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was (2024). The tour began on April 29, 2024, in Vancouver and is scheduled to conclude on December 20, 2024, in Kansas City.

The stage is characterized by a huge led wall used as background during all the concert, a smaller stage at the back of the arena floor, but as written by John Taylor of the Las Vegas Sun, the floating stage is literally a show stopper. Held safe by wires attached to a harness at his waist and feet secured by straps to the deck, Timberlake rides the stage as it progresses above the crowd, turning from side to side in the arena. Toward the end of the song, as if bowing to the audience below, the stage angles forward in a way that tips Timberlake, his head extended well in front of his feet almost onto the audience below. 

Always John Taylor described it as: “The monolithic slab — maybe four stories tall and 20 feet wide — began the night as part of the main backdrop on stage. It later moved out from its original position just behind the singer at center stage, displaying various graphic designs and images of the singer. Later, it was lowered to where it hovered over Timberlake and his coterie of dancers as they moved through a song”.

Justin Timberlake it’s now touring with this incredible show for the next 6 months. A show that is receiving positive reviews from the critics, about his performance, music, and acting on stage. A show created by an important team (complete credits on our IG page) guided by the director Baz Halpin, the production managers, Robert Mullin and Luke Larson, and the lighting designer Cory Fitzgerald. 

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