Shoreditch House (Soho House, UK)

The Ritual, a event reimagined and curated by Hannah Marshall Studio for Shoreditch House (Soho House, UK), was characterised by a very interesting immersive art installation by Lucid Creates. Hannah Marshall’s signature use of light was recognizable throughout the entire house full of performances and installations, a signature with a strong sense of the ligth contrast.

The main set element of this event was a a 2.5m x 2.5m of net led holographic cube realized by the creative minds of Lucid Creates. The astounishing fact was that the cube levitated above the rooftop swimming pool of Shoreditch House. The cube was host to two performances by Jazmin Bean and Jessica Winter.

Each of the performers interacted with the monochromatic, audioreactive visuals that were displayed on all four sides of the cube by audiovisual artist Joëlle Snaith. 

A real immersive experience, for an unforgettable night.


Location: @sohohouseuk

Performers:@jessicawinter666 @jazminbean 

CreativeTeam:@lucidcreates___ @heloise_perignon @hannahmarshall_______ @alexclap @jadesimpsonlim @jososuave@amrjewellery @joellesnaith 

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