SDM: What do you like most about your work in the design and operational phases?

MH: In designing the freedom, I can come up with anything and it's up just me and my idea. In the operational the atmosphere, during the construction the "production day" it always has a wonderful atmosphere, observe how my idea gradually materializes. In order to enjoy the moment, you need to have a good and experienced team of people around you, otherwise that moment will becomes a very stressful nightmare! In the end, when the concert ends and everything it went well, you feel a huge pleasure, a mixture of relief and satisfaction.

SDM: What do you do before starting a project?

MH: I study all the information about the artist and I ask him about his ideas and what he expects from the show, about his dreams and wishes.

SDM: How important is the dialogue with the customer for the success of a project?

MH: Absolutely the most important! There are many ways you can go in design and overall ideas, the artist can help you in your decision to go the most appropriate way. Sometimes it's good to share partial ideas with the artist and you immediately see his reaction and it will guide you. "The more you look into the soul of the artist - the closer you are to fulfilling the dreams and ideas of a given music star"!

SDM: What makes you excited?

MH: When I have an idea that I like and I draw it. Another time is when is when the concert starts, the first moments of the show and the reaction of the audience!

SDM: How do you cope with budget cuts?

MH: I used to annoy me a lot, today a lot less.

However, it is important to enforce the essentials so that you don't have to be ashamed of anything!

SDM: How does the set designer relate to all the other figures involved in the project? light designers, visual artists, directors…

MH: In most of the projects I conceive the whole show, I share my ideas with those who make videos and lights and control that respect my ideas, I have fantastic colleagues who I respect a lot.

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