SDM: What will be the frontiers of lighting technology?

PC: I would love to know! For me the latest revolution has been the creative LED projectors like Ayrton products or the X4 Bar GLP, I have loved designs without spotlight cones and finally being able to use unlimited light beams! Motion control is also very useful.

SDM: What is the boundary between light and matter? set and light design?

PC: The boundary between set & light is very important, I think that the set gives the visual identity and that the light highlights it or makes it disappear and makes you never get tired during 90 minutes of show by giving the dynamics. I like the set to be as minimalist as possible and the light to be the main part of the show.

SDM: What are your references? is there any people you follow? that you like?

PC: I love the work of Bob Sinclair, Tobias Rylander, Ed Warren, Tim Routledge, Willo Perron, and friends like Megan Dougherty, Céline Royer, Nico Riot and Jean-Maxence Chagnon the new generation.

SDM: Which art / artist are you inspired by to find inspiration?

PC: Most often through photography, opera, and architecture. I obviously love James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson

SDM: What is your point of view on sustainability in show design?

PC: This is a topic that concerns me a lot, the designers have a very great responsibility because they are the ones who will indirectly load the trucks. I try to take many gears as possible locally, and not necessarily at the top of technology to prevent the projectors from being thrown away too quickly. I talk a lot with the PMs to be as compact as possible to avoid superfluous trucks.

SDM: What advice would you give to young people who want to start working in music as a designer?

PC: Just do it! Now you can become a designer very quickly, no need to go through all the stages of hierarchy. You must be humble, listening to the artists and the technical teams. Not to go over the music, the music and the bands must lead the stage, the light must accompany it.

SDM: What importance do you think previsualization has in the design process?

PC: Previsualization is essential in the creative process, for me and for artists.

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