SDM: What are the main phases of a project in your studio?

YS : We break each project down into the following phases:

  • Phase one: creative concepting, which includes client kick-off, brief, conceptual development and initial ideas

  • Phase two: creative development, we define the design, start initial drafting, rendering & continue development based on feedback

  • Phase three: technical production, which includes detailed drafting, costing & revisions based on budget limitations

  • Phase four: Project oversight & execution, includes onsite project management and delivery

SDM: Even a major studio like yours has problems with a budget that is never enough?

YS: Yes, we constantly have to work hand-in-hand with our clients and suppliers to scale back while maintaining the overall integrity of the design

SDM: Why the choice of the astronaut for the MTV event?

YS: It’s been a hero feature of the brand since MTV launched 40 years ago

SDM: Why did you choose to build two parallel stages?

YS: It was the only way we could support the number of performances that we had in the room. It allowed us to set up the next performance on stage A while a performance happened on stage B so performances could seamlessly run back-to-back.

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