SDM: Hi Yoko You have to know that two out of four people in our editorial team they have a degree in architecture, but after an initial experience they decided to devote themselves to scenography. In your case, what was your reason?

YS: I believe that Architecture and Scenography are very close in terms of their process. Both have a story in one project. They are just different time schedules and scales. In my case, it was clear what I wanted to do in my body, but I did not know the word ’scenography’. I needed to compose ’time’ as well. Then I found Architecture has a similar creative process or approach. But to be more close to being Artistically engaged, studying Media art encouraged me to come to what I am doing in my Scenography.

SDM: What's the training of an architect in your works?

YS: Planning process ,Sensing Space, Imagine in 3D.

SDM: Does your Japanese culture influence your work?

YS: People often describe my works are ‘ Minimal’. I don’t intend to make it minimal, but I focus on the essential element and clean up the rest. This way might be ‘Japanese’.

SDM: There are recurring elements in your works, what really could you not give up and why?

YS: I need to see it as 'One element' and 'A Mass.' The recurring elements can create a flow of space and dynamics in space. When it becomes kinetic, it will give me a new vector as' Time'. When there is a regularity in these recurring elements, one irregular becomes a strong appearance. I enjoy this physical playfulness of compositions of 'regularity and irregularity'.

SDM: What inspires you? what fuels your creativity?

YS: The ’Nature’ is the biggest inspiration, but our body senses have limitations. I am also curious about what we can’t sense, which gives me a full imagination.

SDM: What is the project you would like to do and have not managed to do yet?

YS: I like to work under some restrictions. The restrictions limit creativity, but it could bring me another creative approach. I want to try : Opera, Musical or a play with different restrictions. Also, I want to open up spaces, like Museums or Public spaces. Maybe Fashion or commercial industry...

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