We met the set designer Pierre Claude, we have interviewed him and he showed us his latest work. 

Pierre Claude: Hi SDM, I’m fan of your Instagram account! 

This design will be touring the US in septembre and October then we will be touring the world for 2 years.

I was looking for a theatrical design for them, but we will be touring in different venues such as clubs, arenas and headline festivals slots so we needed something bright and big.

The inspiration is venitian black box theaters, all the lighting and gears are hidden by the video frames. 

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Artist: @wearephoenix

Set and lighting design: @elclaudiopedro

Head of lighting: Romain Villard-Jamet

Lighting tech: Arnaud Fourtet

Network and video manager: Vincent Leroy

Video techs: Folkert Van Der Werff, Matthieu Grandet

Rigger and stage manager: Brooks Wenzel

Set manager: Lydia Macdonald

Tour manager: Arnaud « Chag » Baratin

Assistant TM: Louna Roy

Production Manager: Peter Van Der Velde

FOH: Tyler Bryan

Monitors: Chris Davidson

3rd Engineer Audio: Eliot Varga

Backline: Bastien Vandevelde, Cédric Plancy, Sébastien « Minimas » Roy

Vendor: S Group 

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